Established Jewelry is the long dreamt-of endeavor by designer Nikki Erwin. Erwin has had a love for jewelry since she was a young girl when she would take trips to the Los Angles Convention Center during jewelry shows to buy supplies and made her own custom accessories. It wasn't until 2004 that she got the opportunity to work professionally in the jewelry business as Jennifer Meyer's first employee at Jennifer Meyer Jewelry. It was during this time that Nikki was inspired to create single custom pieces for herself. Her very first piece was a double finger knuckle ring, which is now available for purchase in her first collection. Established Jewelry is the representation of the wild and edgy side of her personality that is not depicted in her separate handbag business. Established Jewelry is dedicated to California style and sensibility—ethos that are very important to Nikki. The design direction of the line can be described as risqué and bold, but somehow sweetly sexy. Check out her signature studs depicting words like "boss", "love" and "stud" or her edgy take on the "BFF" necklace.