For Alison Chemla, designer and creative mind behind Alison Lou, communication is key. Her first signature collection is a thoughtful and cheeky commentary on the expression of feelings - from the banal to the intimate - through the language of emoticons. With these pieces it's easy to wear your emotions on your sleeve - or rather your neck, ear, finger or wrist. Simple pendants, studs, rings and bracelets adorned with emoticons allow you to state your mood without even saying a word.

Never content moving in just one direction, this New York-based designer complements her emoticon collection with a wide assortment of dainty, mix-and-match gemstone studs and stacking rings and bracelets. Colorful stones including emeralds, topaz and rubies pair with white diamonds to create pops of color, while her individually sold studs allow you to create your own palette of color and shapes - limited only by the number of piercings in your ears.