Sage Vaughn

Studio Visit with Sage Vaughn

A Man of Many Talents

Broken English had the pleasure of sitting down with painter Sage Vaughn and asking him a few very fundamental questions. Short, simple and interesting. Sage isn’t short, the questions are. Simple questions with brilliant answers. We hope you enjoy this studio visit filled with imagination and color as much as we did.

See Sage's paintings here.

BE – What have you always wanted to do? Sage – Be like Olmsted.  BE – What is your greatest love? Sage – My family.  BE – It’s a miracle that… Sage – That hairless apes haven’t burnt down the world yet.  BE – Who inspires you? Sage – Arthur Russel. BE – What are you most proud of?  Sage – My wife, she’s fearless…..unless I’m driving.  BE – Who are your style icons?  Sage – Big brothers in 80’s movies.  BE – What’s your favorite place?  Sage – Paddling out early in the morning.  BE – What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned?  Sage – It’s better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.

It's a miracle that hairless apes haven't burnt down the world yet.

BE – Always remember that…. Sage – The first three tracks on FAITH by George Michael are bangers.  BE – Style for you is…  Sage – Getting harder to understand but easier to afford.  BE – Right now you are…  Sage – In bed.  BE – The best thing that happened to you is?  Sage – Cleaning up my act.  BE – What can’t you live without?  Sage – Making art.  BE – Your future is…  Sage – Really fun and really busy.  BE – What’s the best decision you’ve ever made?  Sage – To let go of what I knew.

Sage photographed in his studio by Amber Chavez. Keep up with Sage by following on Instagram and see more of his work here!

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