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There’s a powerful symbolism behind the playfulness of Noor’s work. A deeply spiritual person inspired by the natural world, sacred geometry and the beauty of mother earth, nature has had a profound impact on Noor’s design process. “I have always been fascinated by the earth,” she says. “And this in turn led to my love for gemstones. Exploring different cultures beliefs and discovering what they hold as sacred has become a passion of mine.”

Noor is a believer in the power of stones, frequently tapping into the protective and self-care aspects of gems in her work. “I have always believed in the healing properties of stones,” says Noor, “And I think that often the stone choses the wearer by fulfilling something lacking in their life.

The symbolic power of Noor’s work makes it the perfect choice for a meaningful gift.

The symbolic power of Noor’s work makes it the perfect choice for a meaningful gift. When asked which piece from her new collection she would be the most likely to select as a present for a friend or loved one, Noor picked the Muldahara diamond pendant, a design which represents the root chakra. Made from iridescent slivers of layered ruby, inlaid with mother of pearl and nestled under a crystal dome to create a unique shimmering glow, Noor worked painstakingly to create a technique which would echo the red aura of the root chakra which was her inspiration.

This bespoke stone piece connects to the healing tradition of the root chakra in Sanskrit mysticism, where it is linked to all growth and awareness of human divinity. The shimmering ruby of this piece is designed to mirror that red aura, and help the wearer access the divine feminine aspects of her own root chakra.

“I have always believed in the healing properties
of stones and I think that often the stone chooses the
wearer by fulfilling something lacking in their life.”


This fascination with the healing powers of gems expresses itself most strongly in the amulets she designs, which are deeply enmeshed with the ancient history of the amulet as a source of supernatural power and healing. Noor connects to this power in her choice of ancient symbols and gems to anchor her work to a deeply impactful spiritual tradition. “My collection Akasha is inspired by sacred symbols such as the Sri Yantra, Flower of Life and Navratna,” Noor says.

“Each of these symbols are often used in mandalas for visual meditation allowing one to connect with their inner self and the universe. I have tried to stay true to the stones that each already resemble such as the Navratna where there are nine gemstones that relate to a planet.” Aside from their powerful resonance, Noor’s pendants also make for perfect layering pieces. “I love to wear lots for pendants at once,” says Noor, “Which is why they come in different lengths so that they can be stacked. The idea is for the wearer to be able to create their own personal style within the collection.”

For Noor, who grew up in a family of women fond of expressing themselves through their style and jewelry choices, gems can be a way of engaging in self expression and accessing the higher self. “My mother has always designed her own pieces,” she says, “So this had a huge influence on me as a child seeing her create something bespoke and unique to her personal style.” Noor’s background growing up in such a creative environment lead her to develop a l ove of exploration and play through jewelry.

“I think my upbringing has made me curious about other cultures,” she says, “And to seek the unknown creating a little mystery and mysticism within my collections.” This eclectic approach is reflected in her personal style, which Noor describes as “Classic with an ethnic twist,” and informed by her globe trotting, exploratory lifestyle. “I like to wear simple outfits with lots of accessories that I have collected from all over the world,” Noor says. “Travelling has very much shaped my creative vision and design practice as it has allowed me to witness a wide array of different cultures, architecture and religions.”

This multicultural influence is clear in Noor’s latest, the PRANA collection, which takes inspiration from the seven chakras of the human form, which form the basis of our psychological and spiritual existence.

In Sanskrit, they are described as wheels that act as vortexes to receive and radiate energy through the body. The pieces in this collection tap into an ancient tradition of using stones to magnify and balance the power of the chakras, allowing the wearer to access a deep well of energy and spiritual satiation. And in a fast paced modern world where change is more of a constant than stability, we could all use a little more of that balance and serenity in our lives.





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