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Sheherazade Goldsmith has been writing a love letter. Unknowingly, since childhood. Inspired by a lifelong wanderlust and travels to ancient temples and exotic palaces, she has introduced the world to Loquet London, a British fine jewelry brand launched alongside her good friend Laura Bailey. French for “locket,” Loquet is many things to many people, and yet it’s about as personal as fine jewelry gets.


It’s hard not to fall in love with the concept behind Loquet. “Loquet is such an emotive piece of jewelry—something that doesn’t age or change with time—that most of our clients develop an emotional attachment to the pieces they own." Our emotional attachment here at Broken English was instantaneous. Taking part in the storytelling process and creating something that’s such a reflection of who you are holds massive appeal.

And though its concept is rooted in a design that dates to the 16th century, Loquet is as modern and timeless as it comes. “What inspires me is history, myths, poetry and finding something that has true meaning behind it.” Sheherazade’s vivid imagination and early obsession with books carved out a world for her beyond the material. That sense of idealism and romanticism acquired at a young age has had much to do with her star alignment.

Today, after rewarding careers in fashion, environmental activism, organic food producing, and as an author and green-causes columnist, she focuses most of her energies on Loquet London. Outside of work and playing hands-on mom to her three children, her global lifestyle and adventuring spirit have served as inspiration for choosing the themes of her charms. “Loquet is something you can wear all day for any occasion,” enthuses Sheherazade.

“It is easy to wear but at the same time is classically chic. And it’s as playful and as colorful as you need or want it to be.” Today, on an especially exquisite spring day in Los Angeles, she’s decided playful and colorful is the ticket. The Loquet London CEO is a layering virtuoso, as evidenced in this beautiful mashup of gold on gold with flecks of shimmering color. We inquired if it was about achieving a deliberate look and, to our delight, she hadn’t put in much thought and was just having fun, layering, until it felt right.

“Loquet is such an emotive piece of jewelry—something that
doesn’t age or change with time—that most of our clients
develop an emotional attachment to the pieces they own.”


“On my wrist, I have an old style large charm bracelet that we use to make, with our New Diamond Bangle filled with hanging charms and our Love Charm Bracelet and Hope Charm Bracelet.” The winning formula she explains is “a mix of a heavier gold piece with something very delicate and sweet, plus a contemporary classic added in for good measure.” The good news? No matter how you combine your Loquet pieces, there really is no way to get it wrong.

Syncing her jewelry styling with her eclectic fashion sensibility, she went to work layering newer pieces in her collection with other meaningful pieces she’s collected or designed over the years. “The pieces I’m wearing for the shoot are ones I wear daily.

The locket I have on, the Medium Heart Locket in Yellow Gold on a Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace, is one I wear all the time. It seamlessly works with jeans and trainers as well as a backless silk dress and red lipstick.” With so many meticulously designed pieces to choose from, we can’t even pretend to pick a favorite.

When we pressed Sheherazade for hers, she had a clear winner. At least for the moment. “It’s the Talisman Diamond Hoop Earrings. Because I’ve recently added an extra piercing to my left ear, I can now layer them up. I love the mix of diamond hoops with studs.” Another of her faves? “The Talisman Diamond Gold Bangle. I love that the charms can be interchanged with the Talisman Hoop Earrings. The bangle is so easy to wear and transcends every outfit as it can be worn layered with everything.” She goes on to explain, “It carries the same emotive meanings and playfulness as one of our lockets.”

Because of the personal nature of her jewelry, Sheherazade gets more than a few special requests. The Loquet Bespoke line gives clients full license to create whatever they desire. The collaboration plays out as Loquet offers suggestions for the design and enamel and stone colors, but Sheherazade stresses she is just the facilitator. “We’ve had all sorts of requests from a diamond surfboard, to two peas in a pod, to every animal, living or extinct, you can imagine.”

With a gift for sharing the design process and the passion of a self-confessed food snob, yet another meeting of the creative minds was recently born. The Loquet x Dimes Charm Collection is a delightful collaboration between partners Sheherazade and Laura and Alissa Wagner and Sabrina De Sousa of boutique restaurant Dimes on Canal Street in NYC. “I fell in love with their concept.

I used to write about food and environmental issues and have a deep admiration for businesses who are trying to change the system of vast monocultures.”

Dimes has a conscience behind their menu. “They were the perfect inspiration for making a fruit and veg charm collection.” You can check out all five charms and talismans, from a perfect sunny-side up egg to an avocado on the half-pit here. Some jewelry is just made for gifting.

Think charms and lockets and monogrammed signet rings. The idea of being able to narrate your own story and essentially design your own one-of-a-kind piece makes Loquet highly giftable.

So many of Sheherazade’s customers come to her for gifting advice. We asked her to share some tips on how to give (and keep giving) the gift of Loquet. “I would start with something unique to your loved one. Like their initials or birthstone, and then over time add something personal that you know is going to make them smile.”

Her personal happy charm? “For me it’s the Rainbow Charm, as I can’t help but smile when I see one.” Sheherazade also places importance on carrying a little something for luck. “Lucky charms are so personal as we all have symbols that we recognize as our own.

My Loquet contains the Goldfish Charm, the Chinese good fortune symbol I designed after a trip to Beijing. I loved the idea that despite Mao trying to destroy most of China's cultural history, the forbidden city was left standing.” Now that’s a stroke of good luck. And who doesn’t want that? Feel free to follow our lead here at BE studios…start building up your Loquet London charm offensive and see what happens next!





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