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I have been asked every imaginable question about jewelry over the years! They vary from style inquiries to information about stone cut and colors. I’m very excited to share the answers to some of my favorite questions, from the most popular to the most unexpected. Read on to brush up on your jewelry IQ.

May 20, 2020

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Designer, Gigi Clozeau

How can I wear multiple chains without
them getting tangled up?
To keep your necklaces from tangling, layer chains of varying widths and thicknesses. You can also layer longer, weighted pendant necklaces with dainty options to create depth while keeping your necklaces lying flat. The last option is to clasp one spring-ring to the opposite necklace’s jump ring making an “X” in the back. This will prevent two chains from mixing together.

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Hirotaka Floating Oval Earrings - Tahitian Black Pearl

How do I clean my pearls?A simple and effective way to clean most fine jewels is a soft soap, water, and a clean cloth. When cleaning your pearls, however, take extra gentle care as pearls are quite soft in nature. Extremely cold or hot water can erode the surface of the pearl, so lukewarm temperatures are best. To avoid pearls from yellowing, keep them in a fabric-lined pouch or drawer. This storage method will help prevent chips or scratches from other jewelry in your box.

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Designer, Ilene Joy

 What are the differences between 24k and 14k gold?Pure gold is 24k; anything less is a mix of gold and additional metals. When purchasing gold, it’s best to decide based on how you plan to wear your jewelry. 24k gold is a soft gold, whereas 14k gold is denser and can withstand some wear and tear. I also recommend finding a color that suits your skin tone. 24k is a rich yellow; however, when metals and alloys are added, the color softens or even changes, creating an array of shades from rose to peach, and even green.

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Designer, Shay

How do I choose the right wedding band for my engagement ring?I have recently noticed a trend of buying a thicker wedding band to wear separate from an engagement ring or a simple thin band to pair with an engagement ring. There’s definitely no “rule” when matching an engagement ring to a wedding band, but I do love mixing and matching the idea.

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Foundrae Custom Initial Charm - White Diamond

 I’m obsessed with all of the Foundrae pieces - but where do I start when picking a charm?Foundrae is a collection meant to represent journey, self-discovery, and self-expression. What part of your story do you want to tell? I always suggest reading through the description and meaning of each charm on our site and choose based on the aesthetic that you most connect with. The beauty of Foundrae is the pieces are meant to be built upon and collected.

BaYou with Love Collection
Designer, BaYou with Love

 I’ve been hearing a lot about “sustainable fine jewelry” recently, but what does that actually mean?Sustainable fine jewelry holds the same value and integrity as jewelry made with traditional methods. However, jewelry crafted with environmentally friendly practices produce less waste and typically use recycled gold. BaYou with Love and Melissa Joy Manning, are two collections championing the sustainable jewelry movement by incorporating ethically mined stones and a zero-waste philosophy.

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