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A Moment in Time with Jessica de Ruiter

Fashion Stylist

Broken English had the privilege of spending the afternoon with Los Angeles based stylist, Jessica de Ruiter. Known for her simple yet sophisticated style and timeless point of view, she has dressed Hollywood A-listers for over a decade. Jessica has worked with renowned photographers such as Norman Jean Roy and Ellen von Unwerth and icons including Jennifer Lawrence, Drew Barrymore and Emily Blunt. Her work has graced the pages of Vanity Fair, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue.

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Let's start with the fun stuff... Jessica plays tennis (probably too humble to admit she hits like a pro), has never gotten caught for a speeding ticket and the best thing that's ever happened to her was taking a spontaneous road trip to LA almost fifteen years ago. The best thing that's ever happened to us is that she decided to stay here in LA! Some words of wisdom...yes, please... "Style is being true to yourself. And of course, the golden rule-less is more.""

Style for me is being yourself.

And now for some details... Swooning over your collection of jewelry, they're all so unique, can you tell us more? JDR - The diamond and emerald tennis bracelet is a family heirloom and it's been on loan to me. Indefinitely. The circle pendant with the cursive J initial is from Tiffany's. I bought it for myself on the occasion of the birth of my daughter, James. The solid gold bangle with clasp belonged to my mother. She wore it every day of my 80s childhood and it is ingrained in my earliest memories of her. It was a gift from her Dutch parents on her 21st birthday and when I turned 21 she passed it on to me. It is from Holland where she lived until our family immigrated to Canada when she was a young teenager. The gold name plate bracelet actually belongs to my daughter and was a special gift on her fifth birthday. Her name JAMES is engraved in block lettering. It is from Birk's which is basically the Canadian Tiffany's and holds a lot of nostalgia for me as most of my first pieces of jewelry came from there. James doesn't really wear it yet so I do instead.

We love the history and sentiment behind Jessica's personal pieces (new and old) and how it demonstrates that less really can be more. The edited assortment of Jessica's jewelry truly conveys that style really is about just being your most authentic self. Thank you Jessica for the lesson in style. Check out Broken English's favorite antique and vintage pieces below.

Jessica was shot in her Los Angeles home by Amber Chavez. To keep up with Jessica follow her on Instagram!

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