4 Mother's Day Stories:

Malin Åkerman

Actress, Mother, and Red Carpet Style Icon

April 30, 2020

Malin Åkerman is known for her roles in some of the most successful shows like Billions and movies like Watchmen, but she is also one of our favorite actresses to catch on the red carpet. Her edgy-sophisticated style pushes the boundaries in fashion and jewelry, inspiring a different approach to what it means to achieve Hollywood glamour.

We caught up with Malin to talk at-home style and the activities that are keeping this mom busy with her son, Sebastian.

Malin Åkerman Headshot

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Son: Sebastian, age 7

How would you describe your personal style?Casual jeans and t-shirt kinda girl with a bit of a rock vibe. Cool shoes with studs and buckles, leather jackets, etc.

What influences the way you dress?Places inspire me! I also think lifestyle is a big influence. As a mother and world traveler, versatility suits me best. I sometimes feel like my closet is bipolar! Depending on where I’m going I’ll have ideas of what I want to wear. For example, if I’m going to Rome, Italy I think of D&G and I’ll pack a leopard print dress, which I normally wouldn’t wear here in LA.

When you think about your jewelry collection, what silhouettes do you always go back to?Anything that has a bit of an edge. I love mixed metals. I am also into ear cuffs and studs - basically anything that feels a bit rock and roll.

Malin Åkerman Collage Malin Åkerman GIF
TL. Anita Ko Collection, TR. Cadar Python Thick Ring, B. Bea Bongiasca Double Curl Vine Earrings

Is there one style in particular that you like to collect? What about it makes you love a particular silhouette?Other than my engagement ring, I have a locket necklace with my son, Sebastian’s, picture in it that I love. It was an online purchase from many years back and I wear it always when I travel away from him so that he is always with me.

Speaking of your son, have you two established any new and unexpected traditions or activities during this time in self-isolation?We do an hour-long morning trampoline session together where we do anything from jumping to making up silly games with balls and toys to just falling into tickles and cuddles. I never used to go on that trampoline with him. We love this uninterrupted time together and we get two birds with one stone…exercise and one on one time.

Malin Åkerman and Son Sebastian

Have you established a go-to quarantine look?I have the “jogging pants, no-makeup look” going on. But I actually have worn jewelry! I continue to wear the same gold chain and earrings. The earring are all little hoops with some dangling parts to funk them up.

What jewelry designers are you currently inspired by?Altruist. I love a lot of their cuff earrings as well as their claw rings, of course. They are timeless and edgy all in one.

Espionne Ring II - Rose & White Gold

What are you most looking forward to doing with your son after the quarantine is lifted?I can’t wait to take him to the skatepark to skateboard - it’s all he’s been asking for! I also look forward to going on vacation to see family in Europe.

Malin's Lust List

Double Curl Vine Earrings
Talay Dancing Wave Ring
Mixed Diamond Buckle Ring
Claw Ring
Baguette Ear Cuff
Bianca Loop Earring