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Designer, Lizzie Mandler

Lizzie Mandler on Designing a Second Skin

March 26, 2020

Jewelry has always had personal, protective and transformative powers. And behind every beautiful piece of jewelry, is an equally talented designer. That is why, this week, we want to turn our attention to the community that makes Broken English a place of beauty, celebration, and positivity.

Lizzie Mandler’s pieces have been known to become a second skin - once you put them on they become part of you. And that is exactly her point: her jewelry becomes part of your narrative. After working with semiprecious jewelry for 4 years, Lizzie transitioned over to fine jewelry at age 16. Her studies to become a bench jeweler inspired her journey to what would become her eponymous line. We had the opportunity to sit down with Lizzie for our rapid-fire questions.

Lizzie Mandler Fine Jewelry
L. X Mini Stud, XS 3 Row Huggies  •  C. Oval Nameplate Necklace

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

The year you founded the company: 2011

Favorite Pieces:I have the Petite Square Huggies in one ear for the last 4 years! It was the first huggie style I ever released, it’s modern and clean with a little touch of art deco. It’s perfect!

Lizzie Mandler Petite Square Huggies - Black Diamond & Gold

What was your official foray into the craft?I took my first class in soft wax carving at 16 and I knew that fine jewelry was the craft for me. It was around the same time I began studying to be a bench jeweler to further my studies. Many years later I actually worked for Laura, at Broken English while I was a student at USC. Full circle.

Tell us about the “knife-edge” design:A huge part of my journey with jewelry comes from the experience of losing my mom at 16. I enrolled in a wax carving class in an attempt to process everything I was experiencing. Many of my pieces, still to this day, are inspired by her jewelry. The second piece I ever made was a knife-edge band, inspired by my Mom's knife-edge wedding band; the silhouette has stuck with me since.

Lizzie Mandler's Office and Dog Frankie
T. Othello Knife Edge Hoops, Othello Cuff  •  BR. Frankie (a rescue)

A destination that sparks inspiration?Ojai, CA - Ojai has always been very close to my heart, but as a designer, it’s where I escape to when I need the time and space to design. My favorite thing to do during design season is taking a figure drawing class at the community center, followed by an obligatory trip to Bart's Books.

What are you most excited to explore in your next collection?I’m excited to play around with layering different style handmade chains. And for all the gentlemen out there, I will be officially launching my men’s collection later this year.

What do you consider to be the three jewelry essentials?A pinky ring, a pair of huggies that I can sleep in and never take out, and a heavy gold chain. It's also about pieces that are meaningful. Ones that represent a time, place, or person in your life- those are the ones I hold the closest.

Mantra or quote you live by?"One must still have chaos inside oneself to give birth to a dancing star" - Nietzsche

Lizzie Mandler's Edit

Lizzie Mandler Knife Edge Oval Link Nameplate Necklace - Necklaces - Broken English Jewelry


Knife Edge Oval Link Nameplate Necklace

Special-Order $5,100
Lizzie Mandler Basic Overlap Pinky Ring - Rings - Broken English Jewelry


Basic Overlap Pinky Ring

Lizzie Mandler Othello Knife Edge Cuff Bracelet - Bracelets - Broken English Jewelry


Othello Knife Edge Cuff Bracelet

Lizzie Mandler Othello Knife Edge Hoops - Earrings - Broken English Jewelry


Othello Knife Edge Hoops

Knife Edge Linked Necklace by Lizzie Mandler for Broken English Jewelry


Knife Edge Linked Necklace

Lizzie Mandler Mini Arrow Stud - Black Diamond & Gold - Earrings - Broken English Jewelry


Mini Arrow Stud - Black and White Diamonds