Gigi Clozeau

“Behind Her Eyes With Gigi Clozeau”

Gigi Clozeau’s delicate but vibrant jewel-toned Gold & Resin Necklaces and Bracelets have long been a favorite at Broken English. Her collection’s beauty is that all of her carefully crafted pieces are meant to be layered and slip seamlessly into any and every jewelry box. They quickly become a second skin. Today, Gigi takes us inside her world — a place of abundant love, style, and grace. At the center: her 2-year-old boy, Norris.

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On Your Personal Style:

“I’m moved to wear different color assortments and combinations depending on the season and my mood. I tend to wear the same combo for four to five months and then onto the next!”

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On Your Baby Boy:

“Norris is super outgoing and always in a good spirit. He is a very smiley baby.”

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On Motherhood Lessons:

“There are three philosophies I hope I am able to pass down to Norris, Joie de vivre — which loosely translates to happiness with life, respect and honesty for all, and simple is best.”

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On Being a Working Mom:

“The two best gifts from my career are my sense of self and my team — they are the BEST!”

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On the Meaning Of Home:

“Really, home is where my heart is. Home is anywhere with my husband, son, and dog.”

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Gigi’s Collection in Her Own Words:

“Simple and delicate and joyful!”

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