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"Just two blocks north of the popular Sunset Junction, County Ltd. is perfectly tucked in between Franklin and Silver lake Hills. Contrived of in-house brands, Counter Space and Lady White Co., County Ltd. began in March of 2016. Made up of four friends, Joe Lorens, Kirill Bergart, Phil Proyce and Taylor Caruso. County Ltd. is a pure passion project in hopes to adequately represent unique brands in a well-curated space. Garments from the foothills of Okyama to designer furniture from Paris, they've created a space for customers to see a focused blend of clothing and homewares that will last in your home and closet."

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BE - Let's get to it! Tell me a little bit about the brain child that indirectly led to County LTD... County - County Ltd. started a year ago with a combination of two in-house brands, Lady White Co. and Counter Space. Finding our storefront in between Franklin and Silverlake Hills, has helped us become the destination spot we hoped to. With sought after designer furniture and unique clothing brands , we want to provide a space where our customers wouldn't see ordinary products. We hope to provide a space for people to get inspired from their living room to their closets. "

Everything that comes into the store is a reflection of our personal styles as we try not to purchase items on trend.

BE - County Ltd., a place for T-shirts and chairs, kind of a strangely perfect combo, you guys seem to be pulling if off like it's a match made in heaven, can you tell me what brought about that pairing? County - Our two in-house brands, kind of ignited the whole idea being clothing and interiors brands. When we were initially starting, we wanted to think of a phrase that would help people better identify with us. As we were conversing the term "T-shirts and Chairs" continued to pop back up. With the simplicity of the phrase, and the density of our space, we thought it was a nice comical twist. Without question, T-shirts and chairs make up a majority of our space.

BE - Who are the owners of County LTD? You boys seem to be pretty young for business owners, how have you managed balancing having a normal young adult life with already having a million things to take care of? County - We are made of four friends; Phil Proyce, Kirill Bergart, Taylor Caruso and Joe Lorens. There are always a million tasks to complete in and out of the store. We all have different roles that make County Ltd., what it is. Having four partners is no easy mission, but it has definitely allowed us the time to focus on all other work that needs to get done.

BE - Walking into County LTD, I have the urge to touch everything! Stopping myself because of how perfectly this shop is curated, it's more like an art gallery. Tell me what goes into deciding what's going into County? It looks like a combination of vintage, new, hand made etc... County - Everything that comes into the store is a reflection of our personal styles as we try not to purchase items on trend. As for the blend of vintage and new, there are no restrictions on products. We want to share pieces that are made to last. "

BE - What are some of your favorite shops / designers in LA? Lady White has a huge following in Japan I hear, can you tell me how that happened? And are there any designers you guys see yourself collaborating with in the future? County - One of our favorite shops in LA is South Willard on 3rd St. Such a good collection of objects and unique clothing. Almost immediately after launching the brand, Lady White got picked up by a few bigger retailers in Tokyo and it went from there. Hopefully we can keep that going into the future and would love to spread out into other markets outside of Tokyo. Japan seems to always have a soft spot for Made in USA, so in that regard we have a little leg-up. We don't have any collaborations at the moment but we're always open to work with other like minded individuals."

BE - Biggest learning experience thus far? Anything you would have done differently? Any words of wisdom? County - Biggest learning experience thus far would have to be the unpredictability of retail. Especially within the first few years, there will always be ups and downs, rights and wrongs, but at the end of the day we are getting to share our passion in a space we love. "

County Ltd. was shot at their shop in Silver Lake, Los Angeles by Amber Chavez. To keep up with the boys at County Ltd, visit them at their shop!

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