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Good Morning with Brea Warner

Brand Marketing Director for REVOLVE's Unique Portfolio of Brands, Alliance Apparel

Style, care-free, easy, words that come to mind when meeting up with the gorgeous California girl - Brea Warner.  A once small town country girl, growing up on her family's ranch in Northern California, now a woman directing not one, not two but twelve lables with Revolve! Playing dress-up with Brea was just one of the highlights of our visit, picking her brain was the other. Balancing between directing photoshoots, marketing for Revolve's Alliance Apparel and touring with lead singer boyfriend Miles Michaud of the Allah-Las, this busy gal managed to have enough time to sit down with me and answer some pressing questions.  We hope you enjoy!

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BE - First off Brea, tell us a little bit about your job, I'm sure as the Director of Brand Marketing for Alliance Apparel, Revolve's unique portfolio of brands, you have the opportunity to get in touch with your creative side... Brea - I feel very fortunate to have started with the company when they only had one brand, Lovers + Friends, and to be a huge part of the growth and expansion - now housing 12 labels. From the initial branding and constructing of our who our girl is, to editorial aesthetic and social voice, it is really incredible to build a brand from the ground up and watch it flourish. And then doing it over and over again for our various brands and categories keeps it exciting - every day is different. I love it!

I'm very inspired by my fellow colleagues and friends – I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such a strong, diverse, intelligent and beautiful group of women who are inspiring me on the daily.

BE - You have so much style! Very care free and easy, can you tell us where and whom you get your inspiration... Brea - Thank you, thank you! I think a lot of my inspiration goes back to my roots. I grew up in a small, rural town in northern California on my family’s ranch. Life is much simpler up there – there’s a huge importance placed on mother earth and nature’s beautiful surroundings. I very much embody that ethos in my style – keep it simple, effortless and stay true to yourself and not the ever changing trends. I am also very inspired by my fellow colleagues and friends – I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such a strong, diverse, intelligent and beautiful group of women who are inspiring me on the daily.

BE - I'm loving all the antique instruments in your humble little cottage in Eagle Rock, can you tell us about them? Do you play, or a special someone else... Brea - It’s finally coming together after recently moving! My boyfriend is the lead singer and guitarist in the Allah-Las, so our home is full to the brim with musical instruments from all over the world and at all moments there is some form of music playing. Music is a vital part of my creative process and in my life overall. I thank my man for opening my mind to a whole new realm of worldly and eclectic music. Listen to Reverberation Radio, so good.

BE - Can you tell us a little bit about Revolve's portfolio of brands, Alliance Apparel, that's a fairly new thing right? What kind of brands are you working with... Brea - Alliance Apparel houses twelve dynamic contemporary women’s brands and is the sister company to REVOLVE. With the ever changing marketplace, we have found great success in our strategy from an innovative marketing approach, digital influencer relations and building a lifestyle, not just a brand. Each label has a different voice, demographic and aesthetic from Lovers + Friends, our oldest brand, to some of our newer brands- GRLFRND denim, LPA and our collaboration with House of Harlow 1960 and Nicole Richie.

BE - Planning photo shoots must be one of the funnest parts of your job! How important is jewelry as a form of expression? Brea - I really enjoy concepting photo shoots and bringing the collection to life. It’s rewarding to see it all the way through to fruition. The editorial assets are a huge part of the overall branding and it all has to tie back to its core between the social voice, design, marketing efforts – it tells a story to our consumer. Jewelry is essential! It accentuates the clothing and ties it all together. I feel naked without my jewelry on so when it comes to photo shoots, we make sure each look is perfectly styled with the right pieces.

BE - Can we have some of your favorite picks (designers) from today's shoot!? I know it must be hard to chose! :) Brea - So many beautiful designs! I really loved Spinelli Kilcollin (those bangles are everything) and I have to have one of the Foundrae medallion necklaces. I also had the chance to meet Loriann Stevenson at the Broken English holiday party and it’s always nice to meet the person behind the brand, she’s a cool lady!

Brea Warner shot in here home by Amber Chavez.  To keep up with Brea, follow her on Instagram!

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