How a fondness for the celestial inspired a line of happy jewelry


For centuries, designers and artists have looked to the skies as a source of creativity. From the sparkle of the stars to the alignment of planets, the beauty of the galactic universe has inspired incredible works of art. And for jewelry designer Andrea Fohrman, the concept rings especially true.


“I’ve always been obsessed with looking at the night’s sky to see what phase of the moon it was that evening,” Andrea shares. “That is where I began to fall in love with anything celestial.” It was this fascination that led Andrea to create her distinctive moon phase series—jewelry that commemorates the exact position of the moon on an important date in the wearer’s life. As expected, there are certain dates that are unfailingly popular with her fans. “The moon phase the night a child was born seems to be the most popular date to create a custom piece for."

It’s because of the intrinsic meaning imbued in each piece that the moon phase series has a special place in her heart. “It's not a piece for everyone, but that it's meaningful in such a personal way is very satisfying,” Andrea says. “From a designer's standpoint, it is the thing I love most about creating jewelry.”

But Andrea’s creative inspiration isn’t limited to the moon alone. Her youthful fascination with its phases found her beginning to observe the sky more closely at all times of day and night. “This lead me to start obsessing about the weather, which inspired my take of sunsets, rainbows, clouds, etc.,” she says, adding that she’s equally influenced by the color palette of the sky, and is consistently in search of particular “sky” shades.

I want my designs to represent who I try to be everyday: a positive, happy and fun person.

– Andrea Fohrman

“Color is the most important part of design for me,” she says. “I love gold and diamonds, but there has to be unexpected color combinations for me to truly love a piece.” As with so many romances, those she has with her stones come in various forms. Sometimes she falls in love fast and creates something immediately; other times she puts a stone away only to fall in love with it all over again when some time has passed.

Ultimately, though, her jewelry is about expressing joy. “I just like happy jewelry and whimsical designs with color,” Andrea explains. “I have been fortunate enough to create my line based on the love I have for all things in the sky and I want my designs to represent who I try to be everyday: a positive, happy and fun person.”