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A Mother’s Glimpse: Claudia Mata

A Mother’s Glimpse: Claudia Mata

"Jewelry Editor Turned Wellness Savant"

In her former life, Claudia Mata was a jewelry editor curating the lust-worthy pages of W Magazine and Town & Country. In 2017, Claudia left the magazine world to found Vetly, a wellness and skincare line that combines freshly extracted botanicals with CBD. Now with two young children, Claudia is at the helm of new development at Vertly, but still makes time for her love of jewelry.

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On Your Kids:

“Nico is a chatter-box, social, and a ball of energy. Mila is very artsy, affectionate, and hyper-aware of everything around her - an old-soul for sure. Both have a sweet tooth!”

On Vertly:

“My inspiration comes from California clean living and our locally grown plants. We work with many herbalists, so the initial seed of an idea usually begins with a plant and its specific benefits for the skin and body.”

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On Ritual:

“I love dinner time, which we always have together. We have a ‘Rose, Thorn, and Bud’ ritual we do every night so everyone can share their highs, lows, and what they are looking forward to next.”

On Heirlooms:

“Mila regularly lingers around my jewelry with Nico and tells him that everything in it will eventually be hers. When she was first born, I went through a phase of monogramming a lot of my jewelry with her name on it, so she says those pieces are technically hers already! I hear her telling Nico not to worry, that he will inherit his dad’s shoes and belts but even Nico understands this is not a good deal!”

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On the Heart of Your Home:

“The backyard! The yard is our oasis and we’re so lucky that the weather here in Northern California is temperate enough for us to be outside so much.”

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On Your Personal Style:

“I’m always wearing necklaces and layering them. I never take them off and I’ve gotten used to sleeping draped in jewels!”

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